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CRS Development Teams

  • July 2009 to March 2010

    Project Manager / Senior Lead Developer
    Ramon Achilles de Guzman

    System Architect (Database and Application) / Senior Lead Developer
    Ma. Olivia Lorenzo-de Guzman

    Senior Developer
    Karl Redrick Santos

    Part-Time Developers
    Jean Claude Edualino
    Peter John Francisco
    Mary Kristine Macapagal
    Jose Paolo Sy (up to Dec 2009 only)

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    CRS Redesign
    • Database
    • System Architecture
    • User Interface
    • Data Migration
    Core CRS Framework
    • User and Permissions Management
    • Common Module Features including Security
    • Database Access
    • Session Management
    Pre-registration Modules
    • Admission
    • Temporary Accounts Creation
    • Academic Delinquency
    Preenlistment Modules
    • Student Profile Updating
    • Preenlistment
    • Preenlistment Batch Run
    Registration Modules
    • Class Submission
    • Online Advising
    • Form 5A Printing (Advising Form)
    • Registration Assistant (RA) Accounts Management
    • Class Enlistment
    • Residence
    • Change of Matriculation
    • Form 5 Printing (Registration Form)
    • Cashiering
    Dormitory Modules
    • Online Dormitory Application
    • Dormitory Batch Run

  • April 2010 to May 2011

    Project Manager / Senior Lead Developer
    Ramon Achilles de Guzman

    System Architect (Database and Application) / Senior Lead Developer
    Ma. Olivia Lorenzo-de Guzman

    Senior Developer
    Karl Redrick Santos (up to Jun 2010 only)

    Part-time Junior Lead Developer
    Mary Kristine Macapagal
    Jean Claude Edualino (up to Oct 2010 only)

    Program Development Associate (PDA)
    Anne Ivy Mirasol (starting Nov 2010)

    Part-Time Developers
    Alegria Aclan
    Joseph Benjamin del Mundo
    Juan Salvador del Rosario
    Maxine Krizia Dimanlig
    Marie Jo-anne Mendoza

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    Grades Management Modules
    • Grades Submission
    • Grade Completion / Removal
    • Grades Viewing
    • True Copy of Grades Printing
    • Certificate of Grades Printing
    • Subject Crediting
    Freshman Modules
    • Freshman Templates Creation
    • Freshman Block Planning
    • Block Preenlistment
    • Freshman Preenlistment Batch Run
    • Freshman Documents Printing
    • Freshman Assisted Enlistment
    SET (Student Evaluation of Teaching) Modules
    • SET Configuration
    • SET Answering
    • SET Answering Statistics
    • SET Results Generation
    Fees Assessment Modules
    • Scholarship and STFAP Tagging
    • Assessment Schemes and Fees Database
    • Fees Assessment
    Registration Modules
    • Class Redistribution
    Dormitory Modules
    • Online Dormitory Application ver 2
    • Blacklist Management
    • Real-time Dormitory Slot Assignment
    Misc Modules
    • Announcement Management
    • Announcements Viewing

  • June 2011 to Dec 2011

    Senior Software Development Consultants / Senior Lead Developers
    Ramon Achilles de Guzman
    Ma. Olivia Lorenzo-de Guzman

    Project Manager
    Anne Ivy Mirasol

    Lead Developer
    Mary Kristine Macapagal (up to Nov 2011 only)

    Full-Time Developers
    Arden Christopher Chan
    Alvin Ian del Rosario
    Raymund Mark Tuazon

    Part-Time Developers
    Joshua Castaneda
    Jon Kiefer Yap

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    Grades Management Modules
    • Grades Viewing Enhancements
    Pre-registration Modules
    • Accountability and Academic Delinquency Tagging (also made available to non-academic units like the STFAP / STS Office, Loan Board, Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS), Library, University Health Service)
    • Preenlistment Enhancements
    Registration Modules
    • Library Clearance process streamlining
    • Online Change of Matriculation (CoM)
    • CoM Assessment
    • Online Dropping
    • Cashiering for CoM and Dropping
    • Class Redistribution Enhancements
    Student Modules
    • Payment History Viewing
    Report Generation
    • Enrollment Statistics and Masterlists
    • Subject Demand
    • Grades Submission Reports
    • Retention Rules Support (Percentage Passing and Twice-Failed Subject)
    • CRS Module and Feature List as of May 2011

  • January 2012 to April 2013

    Project Managers
    Adrian Angeles (until Jul 2012)
    Mary Kristine Macapagal (starting Aug 2012)

    Junior Lead Developer / Lead Developer
    Arden Christopher Chan (starting Jan 2013)

    Full-Time Developers
    Alvin Ian del Rosario (extended until Jun 2013)
    Raymund Mark Tuazon (extended until Sept 2013)

    Part-Time Developers
    Joshua Castaneda
    Adelen Victoria Festin (started Apr 2012)
    Errol Pineda (from Jun 2012 and extended until Aug 2013)
    Jon Kiefer Yap (up to Mar 2012 only)

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    OUR Modules
    • Courses Database
    • Student Exits
    Faculty Modules
    • Instuctor's Dashboard
    • Student Schedules Viewing
    Misc Modules
    • Room Schedules Viewing
    • Account Investigation
    • Announcement Management Enhancements
    • Announcements Viewing Enhancements

  • May 2013 to June 2014

    Senior Software Development Consultant / Project Manager
    Ramon Achilles de Guzman

    Senior Software Development Consultant / System Architect
    Ma. Olivia Lorenzo-de Guzman

    Lead Developer
    Arden Christopher Chan

    Full-time Developer
    Daniel Yutuc (starting Aug 2013)

    Part-Time Developers
    Joshua Castaneda (Full-time Apr 2014 only)
    Elijah Joshua Cayabyab (Full-time starting Apr 2014)
    Adelen Victoria Festin (Full-time starting Apr 2014)
    Jon Kiefer Yap

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    Records Management Modules
    • Online Clearance Application and Processing
    • Transcript of Records Generation
    • Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) Case Encoding
    • Various Student and Class Records Correction Modules
    • Subject Crediting Enhancements
    Registration Modules
    • Class Delegation
    • Block Section Management
    • Tuition Loan Application
    • Online LOA Application and Processing
    • NSTP Law Compliance
    • Cashiering ver 2
    • Cashiers and OR No. Management
    • Loan Support for Cashiering
    Other OUR Modules
    • Scholarship Billing Generation
    Report Generation
    • Retention Rules Support extended to Department Level (Percentage Passing and Twice-Failed Subject)
    • Less than X-units Passing
    • Freshman Registration Reports
    Misc Modules
    • Academic Calendar
    • Deployment of CRS in UP Pampanga

  • July 2014 to September 2014

    Senior Software Development Consultant / Project Manager
    Ramon Achilles de Guzman

    Senior Software Development Consultant / System Architect
    Ma. Olivia Lorenzo-de Guzman

    Full-Time Developers
    Elijah Joshua Cayabyab
    Adelen Victoria Festin
    Flor Marie Carmeli Sison
    Daniel Yutuc (extended until June 2015)

    Successfully-Deployed Modules and Other Accomplishments
    OUR Modules
    • F10 Student Jacket Tracking
    Fees Assessment Modules
    • Scholarship and STFAP Tagging Enhancements
    • Support for Debit Cards
    Misc Modules
    • Web Services for ILib Accountability Tagging and University Computer Center Webmail Application
    • UP Dependents Tagging for HRDO
    • Events Encoding
    Modules designed for implementation after Sept 2014
    • Assessment Fees Encoding
    • Withdrawal of Enrollment
    • Withdrawal of Residence
    • Student Records Merging
    • Enlistment of "For-Audit Only" Classes
    • Classlist Override for Transcript Preparation


First and foremost, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Roel Ocampo. The team feels heavily indebted to Sir Roel for everything that he has done to make our work feel a lot lighter and much more fulfilling to do. He gave us full autonomy not just in the modules that we developed but also in the means that we developed them (including how we chose new members for the team, how we conducted interviews with stakeholders, and even what day and time we chose to come work in the office). As director of the UP Computer Center, he made sure that the network operations would be able to support the performance requirements of the CRS, which greatly contributed to the successful launch of our modules. He never doubted that we would be able deliver each and every module that we promised and exerted his best efforts to shield us from any disruptions that would slow us down. And when anybody dared to bring us down, Sir Roel never hesitated to literally fight for us!

For inspiration and guidance, the team always looked to Prof. Emeritus Evangel Quiwa. As our professor in college, he always set very high standards for his students to measure up to. As college secretary of the College of Engineering, he made sure that rules were being strictly implemented. As such, he gave a lot of inputs into the development of the CRS modules, especially as he was also a member of the CRS Advisory Committee. Prof. Quiwa's selfless dedication to serve the University has taught us one thing: that the ultimate reward for service is the satisfaction of having been able to serve well.

Among the many stakeholders of the CRS, the team never closely collaborated with anybody more than with Ms. Amelita Jorda. Whenever we needed to interview her staff at the OUR, Ate Amy made sure that everybody accommodated us until we were satisfied. Whenever we needed to disseminate important announcements or setup meetings with college secretaries and staff, she would immediately prepare the necessary memos and made sure that the proper recipients got them. Whenever we got stumped and needed to resolve important issues, she would readily make time to have an in-depth discussion with us until everything was cleared up and we could already proceed. And she did everything without delay. Such efficiency and effectiveness not only made Ate Amy an excellent section chief of the Admission and Registration Section of the OUR but also a key partner of the CRS team especially as we were developing the modules at our most aggressive pace.

To be able to proceed smoothly with the computerization of registration and student records management, the team needed to introduce major modifications in the processes. Thanks to the forward-looking University Registrars, Dr. Pamela Constantino and Dr. Evangeline Amor, we never had to struggle so much to persuade the stakeholders to adapt to the new procedures. Both Ma'am Pam and Ma'am Vangie were very supportive with the changes that we introduced and made sure that everyone complied. Their endorsement made us feel that our work was valued and appreciated. And for that, we would, in turn, like to express our appreciation.

Even though the CRS Advisory Committee ceased to convene a few years ago, the team still felt the support of the members all throughout the years. Hence, we would also like to thank Dr. Luis Sison, Dr. Lorna Paredes, and Prof. Edgardo Atanacio for their encouragement, endorsement, and some valuable advice.

The development team alone would never be able to pull off a smooth deployment of the modules. Somebody had to take care of the servers and the network operations. Thanks to our dynamic system administrator, Mr. Ralph Jonathan Ignacio, we never had to concern ourselves with the other technical details that were beyond our expertise. Jerix collaborated closely with the very accommodating UP Computer Center Network Operations Staff to ensure 100% server availability (not only for the live servers, but for the test and backup servers as well). They also closely monitored the performance of the network especially during the peak periods, alerted us of impending hardware failures and security threats, and made sure that things still ran smoothly during and after power failures. During the very busy registration period, the UPCC DilNet volunteers very willingly lent their services to setup the computer terminals for the cashiers and the enlistment centers at the OUR. And no need to worry, even though the CRS development team has ceased to develop new modules, Jerix and the UPCC people are, until the present, still taking care that the CRS operations run without technical hitches.

Aside from the technical support provided by the UPCC, CRS also depended heavily on the operational support which was (and is still being) provided by the CRS Support Staff. From the group that was assembled at the original CRS office at the UP Computer Center to the group that now resides at the OUR, the members of the support staff were (and still are) very committed to making sure that the procedures instituted through the CRS were being followed. They patiently explained the step-by-step of how the modules should be used, directed the students where to go when doing CRS-related transactions with the different units, encoded corrections in the students' records, and answered the queries posted at the CRS Facebook group. Because of their efforts, we were able keep our focus on the development of the modules since we never had to be bothered by the numerous CRS users who needed assistance.

Not only were we able to acquire the endorsements of the University Registrars, we were also very fortunate to have administrators from the different academic units (Colleges, Schools, Institutes, Departments) who willingly embraced the many changes introduced by the CRS. We are very grateful to the College Secretaries and other Unit Heads who made our job easier not only by showing their support but also by offering their useful inputs as we worked on the different modules to help serve their constituents better.

The Office of the University Registrar is definitely the center of CRS operations and, therefore, the main source of information for the team whenever we did our requirements analysis for the different modules. For the generous cooperation and kind accommodation, we would like to thank the Staff of the following OUR Sections: Admission and Registration, Records Management and Appraisal, Transcript of Records, Publications and UC Secretariat, and Administration.

For making the registration activities much more organized and for implementing the CRS procedures, we would also like to express our appreciation to the Staff and the Registration Assistants of the different Colleges, Schools, Institutes, and Departments.

Of course, the registration transactions not only involved the academic units but other non-academic offices as well. For helping us create the modules for their particular offices, we would like to thank the Staff of the Cash and Accounting Offices, the Administrators and Staff of the Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS), the Administrators and Staff of the Office of Student Housing (OSH), the Librarians of the different unit libraries, and the iLib Personnel.

As for the UP Pampanga deployment, the Staff and Administration made us feel their enthusiasm to adopt the system through their efforts to learn and implement the new procedures. We also appreciate how they made our travel and stay easier by providing comfortable transportation and the generous servings of lunch and merienda.

Aside from the many people who supported and helped us, the team was also very fortunate to have people who took care of the other little things that we needed. For handling our contracts and other papers, for making sure that our work area was conducive for work, for making the arrangements when we had to travel, for arranging the meetings with important stakeholders, and for getting us merienda during very important team meetings, we would like to thank Ate Medy (Ms. Remedios Gabriel of the UPCC) and Ate Rowie (Ms. Rowena Esclanda of the OUR).

We also felt very lucky to have the support of some special people:

  • Former Chancellor, Dr. Sergio Cao
  • Former VC for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ronald Banzon
  • Former Assistant Registrar, Prof. Heidi Abad
  • Former Assistant Registrar, Prof. Rosella Torrecampo
  • Former Director of the OSH, Dr. Ruby Alcantara
  • Prof. Niel Kenneth Jamandre
  • Prof. Ronald Aaron Po
  • Prof. Excelsa Tongson

Their encouragement and show of approval made us feel happy with our work and contented that we had done very well. Our sincerest appreciation.

Finally, we would like to thank all the users of the CRS (students, faculty members, administrators, and staff) for making the system work through your compliance, cooperation, and gracious assistance. It has been a wonderful experience serving you all!

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