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    The 2nd Semester Registration of AY 2016-2017 is officially extended until tomorrow, 13 January 2017 (Friday) 18 January 2017 (Wednesday).

    Please note that only the Registration is extended. All other events such as the Start of Classes, Withdrawal of Enlistments, and CoM deadline remain per UPD Academic Calendar.

    Please be guided accordingly.


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    Please be reminded that 20 January 2017 (Friday) is the last day of WITHDRAWAL OF ENLISTMENT.

    Students who are enlisted in classes but are NOT PUSHING THROUGH with their enrollment must withdraw their enlistments on or before the abovementioned date.

    To withdraw enlistments, go to your Preenlistment module and click the button "Withdraw Enlisted Classes".

    Students who are granted class slots but are not pursuing with their enrollment continue to hold the slots and prevent other students who are still in need in getting the slots.

    Non-withdrawal means you are pursuing with your enrollment and therefore you are accountable for the classes you enlisted.

     Non-withdrawal specifically implies the following:

    • The student is expected to pay for the matriculation fees covering all the classes enlisted;
    • At the end of the term in question, the student, whether paid or not, will be given grades for all the classes enlisted (the student who does not actually attend the classes would run the risk of getting failing grades);
    • If the student does not pay for the classes enlisted, he/she will incur accountability for unpaid dues.

     During non-optional terms (i.e., First Semester and Second Semester), a student who indicates his/her Withdrawal of Enlistment is still required to undergo the Leave of Absence (LOA) procedures in order not to be deemed as on Absence Without Leave (AWOL) or enroll in RESIDENCY if removing/improving a grade of INC/4.

    Please be guided accordingly.


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    • 09-12 January 2017 - GENERAL REGISTRATION

                    09 January 2017 (Monday) - Start of registration of freshmen, varsity students, graduating students & graduate students

                    10 January 2017 (Tuesday) - Start of registration of all UPD (graduate and undergraduate) regular students

                    11 January 2017 (Wednesday) - Start of registration of non-regular students (Cross-Registrants, Non-Degrees, Special Students)

    • 20 January 2017 (Friday) - Deadline for withdrawal of enlistment
    • 23 January 2017 (Monday) - Deadline for Change of Matriculation (CoM)
    • 16 January 2017 (Monday) - Start of classes
    • 13 January 2017 (Friday) - Last day of payment in the University Theater



    • University Theater *7am to 4pm (Form 5, Change of Matriculation & other fees)
    • Authorized Banks **9am–3pm only (Tuition Payment only, COM & other fees not accepted)
      • Land Bank Account Number :  1462-2220-48
      • DBP Account Number:  0455-024458-030


    *Payment may be cut-off earlier than the scheduled closing time depending on the volume of payers and the number of collectors available. Payers are highly encouraged to bring exact  amount to avoid delays and inconveniences (please bring 25-centavo coins if you are paying cash).

    **Validation of bank payments will be at the University Theater (up to 4pm only).

    Students are enjoined to follow the schedule alloted to them to avoid congestion.

    Further, be reminded of the following payment schemes:

    • Cash
    • Cashier's cheque or Manager's cheque
    • Debit/ATM card (not credit card)
    • Bank payment (LBP and DBP)
    • Student Loan

    Students who have unavailable or deficient funds, have pending ST appeal, are awaiting funds from personal benefactors or institutional donors, etc. are strongly advised to please apply for a student loan.

    Note that the BOR approved the policy that "a student who is unable to pay the required tuition and other fees due to financial incapacity may apply for, and shall be granted, a loan from the Student Loan board to complete the registration.

    Waivers of ineligibility due to unpaid previous loans are also appealable to the Chancellor (through proper channels), but must be done before the end of the registration period.

    Moreover, the Office of of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) has other available schemes for dealing with financial difficulties. You may go to the Office of Scholarships and Student Services, OVCSA if you are experiencing such.

    In view of these, the OUR will implement a NO LATE PAYMENT policy beyond the deadline (to be announced) for registration and other procedures related to student matriculation, such as dropping, change of matriculation (CoM), leave of absence (LOA), etc.

    However, in certain exceptional situations, requests for late payment may still be appealed to the Office of the Chancellor, through the proper channels. Enlistments, and requests for CoM, dropping, LOA, etc, should at least be validated online. However, please take note that such appeals will be processed in only two (2) batches during the semester:

    • Cycle 1: Three (3) days before the week of dropping deadline
    • Cycle 2: Three (3) days before the week of LOA filing deadline

    Therefore, the Cashier's Office will receive late payments for registration and other registration-related transactions only if they fall within the announced extended transaction periods and the cycles mentioned above.

    Thank you.

    For your guidance.

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