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    Please be informed that the registration deadline has been moved from June 30, 2020 (Tuesday) to July 3, 2020 (Friday) and the payment of tuition for Midyear 2020 has been extended until 10 August 2020 (Monday)Chancellor Nemenzo's memo to follow.

    For your information and guidance.


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    Kindly take note of the following reminders and schedules:

    1. Per BOR resolution on the UP System policy on the Second Semester AY 2019- 2020 in the time of COVID-19 dated 16 April 2020, only courses indicated in students’ approved curricula that are required during the Midyear will be offered (3.3). However, the offering of other courses may be requested by students (e.g., students who will be graduating during the midyear and need courses that are not required offerings during the midyear) but this is subject to the approval of the offering unit (3.3.1);
    2. For every Midyear course offering, units are enjoined to indicate the necessary class remarks and restrictions, if any;
    3. Due to the constraints brought about by the implementation the ECQ, the submission of medical clearance of students who will be readmitted in Midyear 2020 is deferred until further notice. In the admission slip, units will indicate "provisional admission" with the remark "pending submission of medical clearance from the UHS”;
    4. Registration period will be on 29-30 June 2020;
    5. Start of Classes and Last Day of Enlistment Withdrawal will be on 02 July 2020; and
    6. Last day to process Change of Matriculation (CoM) will be on 10 July2020.

    For your information and guidance.


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    The results of the Midyear 2020 Preenlistment are now available. You may login and view your enlisted classes through the Preenlistment module.

    The Preenlistment period is now over and the module is now in General Waitlisting mode. The General Waitlisting mode will end on 22 June 2020 at 12nn. After General Waitlisting mode, the Departmental Waitlisting mode will commence. For cancellation of enlistment after the general waitlisting period, please refer to the "Cancel At" column in your Preenlistment module to know where you should cancel your slot(s).

    • Form 5A Printing: Students advised by their home units/departments to print their own Form 5As may now do so using the Print Form 5A button in the Preenlistment module provided that the student does not need any additional units or does not plan to waitlist in any course.
    • Academic Eligibilities and Accountabilities:  Students who have unsettled academic delinquencies are not allowed to enlist additional classes, have their enlistment locked, and proceed to payment. Academic delinquencies must be settled first before you can proceed with your registration. Students with accountabilities may still enlist additional classes and lock/validate their enlistment; however, they cannot be assessed until they settle their accountabilities. To find out how to settle your academic delinquencies and/or accountabilities, contact the office(s) indicated in the "To be settled at" column in your delinquencies table. The CRS Team has no authority to lift delinquencies and/or accountabilities. Please go directly to the unit(s)/office(s) that tagged you as delinquent and/or accountable to settle such delinquencies/accountabilities.
    • Scholarships and ST Discounts: For students whose scholarships affect their tuition fee assessment, make sure that your scholarship or correct ST discount is displayed when you log in to CRS. If your scholarship is not correct, contact the concerned office (e.g. DLRC for DOST scholarships or OSG for ST discounts) to have your scholarship corrected. You should finish this step before proceeding with the Tuition Fee Assessment/Form 5 Printing step to avoid paying the incorrect amount.


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    The Waitlisting Module allows students to apply for a slot in a desired class online and to avoid physically queueing up in enlistment centers. This is an extension of the Preenlistment Module. The mechanics of the Waitlisting Module is as follows:

    General Waitlisting:

    There will be a General Waitlisting period where you can waitlist in any class you desire starting today 03 June 2020 until 12nn of 22 June 2020. The respective offering units will process the waitlists thereafter.

    • Classes that you select in this module are not automatically granted to you. You need to wait for the offering unit to process the waitlists to see if you are granted a slot in your waitlisted classes.
    • Granting of class slots is the prerogative of the offering unit. The unit can choose to assign the slots to the waitlisted students in any way like “random assignment” or "priority by student type". Please contact the respective offering/enlisting unit if you have any question on how and when they will process a waitlist.
    • You can enlist in any class and in multiple sections of the same course. However, you cannot waitlist in a course that conflicts with an already granted course obtained through preenlistment. Please cancel it first then apply for waitlisting. You can cancel classes using this module until the start of regular registration. During regular registration, you need to go to your adviser or the offering unit to cancel your enlisted slots.
    • If you have waitlisted in many sections of a course and you are granted a slot in a section, then all other waitlist applications of the same course are automatically cancelled.
    • If you have waitlisted in several classes in a specific time slot e.g. TTh 1-2:30 pm and you are granted a slot in a class, then all other waitlists for classes that conflict with the newly granted class will also be cancelled.
    • There are no rankings during waitlisting since enlistment processing is decentralized to the respective departments. Hence, your least desired class might be granted if that class was processed first before your most desired class.
    • A single waitlist will be maintained for a block set of classes.
    • It is recommended that you apply for waitlist slots such that the offering unit would be informed of the additional slots per course and time schedule they need to offer. This in effect would act as a "petition list".

    Department Waitlisting:

    After the General Waitlisting period until the deadline of Change of Mat, it is the discretion of the offering unit to open individual waitlist queues for specific courses.

    • You can waitlist in any class as long as it is open. When the waitlist is closed, you cannot apply for a waitlist anymore. However, a closed waitlist can be opened again at the discretion of the offering unit.
    • It is up to the offering unit on when the waitlists will be processed after it is closed. Do check the remarks section of the class you wish to waitlist in to know when to come back and check CRS again to see if a certain waitlisted class has been granted to you. Please contact the offering unit if you have any queries on waitlist processing of their offered courses.
    • The unit may choose to reset their waitlists on a regular basis making all current waitlisted applications cancelled. If this happens, you may see the cancelled classes under Cancelled Waitlists. Feel free to select the class again, in case the waitlisting is opened again, to get another chance of being granted a slot in that respective class.


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    In light of the announcement of the national government placing Metro Manila under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ), the OUR will continue to implement a WORK-FROM-HOME arrangement until the 10th of July 2020.

    We encourage everyone who needs to transact with the OUR to do it online through its email addresses below:

    Admissions, Registration and Clearance concerns - admission.our@upd.edu.ph

    Student Evaluation and Records concerns - records.our@upd.edu.ph

    Transcript of Records (TOR) concerns - transcript@upd.edu.ph or torschief.ourdiliman@up.edu.ph

    TOR application may also be done online. Visit the OUR website (our.upd.edu.ph) and click the link for TOR application.

    Administrative concerns - admin.our@upd.edu.ph

    Academic Information System and CRS concerns - support@crs.upd.edu.ph

    UC Secretariat concerns - pucss_our.updiliman@up.edu.ph

    One Stop Student Desk concerns - onestop.our@upd.edu.ph

    Should you encounter any error in sending your email to any of the email addresses above, please forward your email to our.diliman@up.edu.ph .

    The OUR will try its best to attend to your concerns despite the limitations and challenges brought about by the lockdown. However, please do understand that not all transactions are possible at this point in time.

    Thank you and stay safe.


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    Please be reminded that per Section 4.1 of the BOR Resolution, irrespective of the lifting of the ECQ in the short or medium term, there will be no face-to-face classes for the rest of the academic year. Therefore, there will be no face-to-face classes this Midyear 2020. Same arrangement will be adopted for the Midyear registration activities.

    For your information and guidance.

    Thank you.

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