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    The first preenlistment round for the Second Semester of AY 2015-2016 is scheduled to open on 01 December 2015 (Tuesday) at 00:01 am to 17 December 2015 (Thursday) at 11:59 pm.  First Batch Run result will be available on or before 19 December 2015 (Saturday). Please take note of the following before preenlisting:

    • Fill-out your Student Profile.
    • Accomplish your SETs for the First Semester of AY 2015-2016 (enrolled students only). For students who have dropped their subjects that require a SET, you may answer N/A for all questions. For subjects that have wrongly-encoded professors or are set to TBA, please inform the offering unit or your current professor of the discrepancy for it to be corrected.

    For inquiries regarding offered classes, please directly contact the academic unit concerned.

    If you're experiencing problems with the CRS website, (e.g. missing modules) kindly email us at crssupport@list.upd.edu.ph

    IMPORTANT: Students who do not accomplish SET (students who are enrolled this First Semester of 2015-2016) will be tagged as "Low Priority" in the Batch Runs.

  • Dropping and SET Answering Period for the First Semester and First Trimester of AY 2015-2016

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    FOR STUDENTS FOLLOWING THE REGULAR CALENDAR: The deadline of dropping is on 30 October 2015 (Friday).

    FOR STUDENTS FOLLOWING THE MBA TRIMESTER CALENDAR: The deadline of dropping is on 30 October 2015 (Friday).

    This includes getting your instructor's consent, having your adviser "note"/approve the application, and paying the fees indicated in the dropping form. Make sure that you finish paying before the deadline to avoid having your dropping application invalidated.

    Note that for Non-degree students, your dropping application must undergo advising in your home unit/college i.e. faculty accounts won't be able to "note" your application in the advising step.

    The SET Answering for the First Semester AY 2015-2016 will start on 09 November 2015(Monday) and will end on 28 November 2015 (Saturday).

    The SET Answering for the MBA First Trimester AY 2015-2016 will start on 02 November 2015 (Monday) and will end on 20 November 2015 (Friday).

    All enrolled students are enjoined to evaluate their instructors/professors accordingly.

    IMPORTANT: Student who fails to answer the SET will be tagged as "low priority" in the next term's pre-enlistment or will be delayed for 1 hour in the real-time enlistment.

  • CRS Downtime and Maintenance

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    The CRS website and related services will be undergoing maintenance on November 28-30, 2015.

    The following websites and CRS services would be affected:

    • CRS site
    • iLib's feature for detecting a student's payment status for the current semester
    • Cashiering payments
    • Dorm application website
    • UPCC web service in creating student accounts in CRS
    • Maroon CRS EPP

    Please note that the scheduled downtime will be on a weekend and a Monday (Bonifacio day holiday). A copy of the memorandum concerning this downtime has been circulated; you may download it here.

    You can still send your questions and requests to the CRS Support mailing list (crssupport@list.upd.edu.ph) but support emails will be processed during weekdays, office hours only.

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