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    The results of the Midyear preenlistment are now available. You may login and view your enlisted classes through the Preenlistment module.

    The Preenlistment period is now over and the module is now in VIEW mode. The General Waitlisting period has started and will end on 25 June 2021, Friday at 12nn. To waitlist for additional classes, please use the new Student Registration module.

    Academic Eligibilities and Accountabilities: Students who have unsettled academic delinquencies are not allowed to enlist additional classes, have their enlistment locked, and proceed to payment. Academic delinquencies must be settled first before you can proceed with your registration. Students with accountabilities may still enlist additional classes and lock/validate their enlistment; however, they cannot be assessed until they settle their accountabilities. To find out how to settle your academic delinquencies and/or accountabilities, contact the office(s) indicated in the "To be settled at" column in your delinquencies tab. The CRS Team has no authority to lift delinquencies and/or accountabilities. Please contact directly the unit(s)/office(s) that tagged you as delinquent and/or accountable to settle such delinquencies/accountabilities.
    Scholarships and ST Discounts: For students whose scholarships affect their tuition fee assessment, make sure that your scholarship or correct ST discount is displayed when you log in to CRS. If your scholarship is not correct, contact the concerned office (e.g. OSG for SLAS, your college for Free Tuition) to have your scholarship corrected. You should finish this step before proceeding with the Tuition Fee Assessment step to avoid paying the incorrect amount.
    Locking of enlistment/s. If you do not need any additional class/es for this semester, you may now "lock" your enlistments by clicking on the "Lock Enlistment" button inside the Student Registration module. Locking your enlistment/s will queue you in the Online Advising module of your adviser for post-advising.


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    Please be informed that the pre-enlistment for Midyear Term 2021 will start on 1 June 2021 (Tuesday) and will end on 15 June 2021 (Tuesday).  Kindly take note of the following reminders and schedules:

    1. For every Midyear course offering, units are enjoined to indicate the necessary class remarks and restrictions, if any;
    2. Registration period will be on 01-02 July 2021;
    3. Start of Classes will be on 05 July 2021; and
    4. Last day to process Change of Matriculation (CoM) will be on 08 July 2021.

    For your information and guidance.

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