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Course code & No. Course Title Course Description Offering Unit
Japan Studies 100 An Overview of Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society Survey of contemporary insider and outsider views of Japanese culture and society. CIS
Japan Studies 101 Japanese Culture and Society I Thematic discussions on the core elements of Japanese culture and society, the elements borrowed from other cultures and the way they are fused. CIS
J 100 History of the Press DJourn
J 101 Introduction to Journalism DJourn
J102 Researching and Reporting the News DJourn
J 103 Interpretative Writing DJourn
J104 Pag-uulat sa Filipino DJourn
J 105 Investigative Reporting DJourn
J 106 Public Information DJourn
J 107 Business Reporting DJourn
J 109 Writing for Popular Audiences DJourn
J 110 Journalism Ethics DJourn
J 111 Feature Writing DJourn
J 112 Reporting on the Environment DJourn
J113 Science Reporting DJourn
J116 Data Journalism DJourn
J 117 Online Journalism DJourn
J 121 The Newsroom DJourn
J 122 Publication Design and Layout DJourn
J123 Photojournalism DJourn
J124 Editorial Management DJourn
J 133 Alternative Journalism DJourn
J 136 Community Press DJourn
J 151 Advertising DJourn
J 152 Public Information and Public Relations DJourn
J 192 Journalism Ethics DJourn
J195 Specialized Reporting DJourn
J196 Seminar DJourn
J197 Special Projects in Journalism DJourn
J198 Journalism Internship DJourn
J199 Journalism Research DJourn
J 200 Thesis DJourn
J 201 The Philippine Press GRADUATE
J 202 Advanced Reporting GRADUATE
J 203 Seminar in the Community Newspaper GRADUATE
J 207 Newsroom Management Organization and management of multimedia newsrooms. GRADUATE
J 208 Scholastic Journalism GRADUATE
J 212 Writing on Cultural Events GRADUATE
J 213 Investigative Journalism GRADUATE
J 216 Specialized Reporting GRADUATE
J 217 Online News Production Producing Web content from breaking and developing news and social media updates and generating interactive materials from the Web. GRADUATE
J 240 Seminar on the Press DJourn, GRADUATE
J 240 Seminar on the Press and National Development GRADUATE, DJourn
J 250 The Western Media GRADUATE
J 260 Newspaper Management GRADUATE
J 270 Problems and Development in the Law of the Mass Media GRADUATE
J 298 Special Projects GRADUATE
J 300 Thesis GRADUATE