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Course code & No. Course Title Course Description Offering Unit
Kapampangan 10.0 Mekeni Abe: Pangkalahatang Sarbey ng Kulturang Kapangpangan Lingg
Kas 1 Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas Kas
Kas 2 Ang Asya at ang Daigdig Kas
Kas 10 Introduction to History Kas
Kas 10 Introduction to History History as a way of knowing: nature, meaning and uses of history; forms and fundamentals of historical writing, with focus on the historical argument Kas
Kas 100 Introduksyon sa mga Kabihasnang Pandaigdig Ang pangkasaysayang pagsulong ng mga kabihasnang daigdig mula sa kauna-unahang panahon hanggang sa kasalukuyan, na nagbibigay diin sa pag-usbong at pagkakabisa ng mga batayang adhikain at institusyon na nagbigay hugis sa sangkatauhan at sa mga pangunahing kilusang pampulitika, pang-ekonomiya, panlipunan at pangkalinangan. Kas
Kas 100 Introduction to World Civilizations The development of world civilizations from ancient times to the present with emphasis on the growth and influence of basic ideals and institutions which have shaped mankind and the chief political, economic, social,and cultural movements. Kas
Kas 101 Ancient and Medieval History of Europe Classical and medieval European history Kas
Kas 102 Modern Europe Historical development of Europe from the Renaissance to the 19th century Kas
Kas 103 Europe in the 20th Century Ideological, economic, and cultural forces and movements that influenced the development of Europe in the 20th century; rise of a new global order amid alternating periods of war and peace Kas
Kas 104 History of Spain The historical development of Spain from the reign of King Charles I of the Hapsburg dynasty to 1898. Kas
Kas 108 Selected Topics in European History Kas
Kas 110 Colonial Philippines I The Philippines under Spain. Kas
Kas 111 Colonial Philippines II The Philippines under US and Japan. Kas
Kas 112 Contemporary Philippines Kas
Kas 113 Economic History of the Philippines Kas
Kas 114 Cultural History of the Philippines The literary, artistic and intellectual history of the Philippines, from the Spanish period to the present. Kas
Kas 115 Diplomatic History of the Philippines Kas
Kas 116 Philippine Nationalism Kas
Kas 117 Social History of the Philippines History of everyday life in the country, including social units, institutions and social issues Kas
Kas 118 History of Women in the Philippines Historical construction of the identity, role and impact of Filipino women Kas
Kas 119 Indigenous Ethnic History of the Philippines History of selected major ethnolinguistic groups, their role in and contribution to national history Kas
Kas 120 Environmental History of the Philippines Interaction between Filipinos and their physical environment over time; indigenous, colonial and modern discourses on the environment, natural disasters and related issues Kas
Kas 128 Selected Topics in Philippine History Kas
Kas 150 West Asia Kas
Kas 151 Modern East Asia Kas
Kas 152 Modern South Asia Kas
Kas 153 History of Southeast Asia I Kas
Kas 154 History of Southeast Asia II Kas
Kas 155 Development of Religions of Asia Role and impact of religion on the historical development of Asian societies Kas
Kas 156 Development of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Asia Science, technology, and medicine as means of development, tools of conquest, as articulations of world view, and as networks of exchange within Asia and between Asia and the world Kas
Kas 158 Selected Topics in Asian History Kas
Kas 160 Latin America: Pre-Columbian to 1821 Kas
Kas 161 Latin America: From 1821 to the Present Kas
Kas 162 History of the United States I Kas
Kas 163 History of the United States II Kas
Kas 168 Selected Topics in the History of the Americas Kas
Kas 195 Historical Methods Epistemological and methodological evaluation of archival sources, with focus on primary sources on the Philippines; orality and oral techniques Kas
Kas 196 World Historiography Perspectives and philosophies of history, approaches to and trends in the writing of history, in different periods and countries outside of the Philippines Kas
Kas 197 Philippine Historiography Historiographic evaluation of historical works on the Philippines from the 16th century to the present Kas
Kas 198 Selected Topics in Historiography Kas
Kas 199 The History Research Paper Application of historical methods through the use of primary sources Kas
Kas 199.1 Historiography I Kas
Kas 199.2 Historiography II Kas
Kas 202 The Philippines, 1521 - 1600 Kas
Kas 203 The Philippines During the 17th and 18th Centuries Kas
Kas 204 The Philippines During the 19th Century Kas
Kas 205 The Commonwealth of the Philippines Kas
Kas 206 Seminar on Contemporary Problems in Asia Kas
Kas 207 The Philippine Revolution (1896-1897) Kas
Kas 208 The Philippine-American War (1898-1901) Kas
Kas 209 Selected Topics in Philippine History Kas
Kas 210 Problems in the Interpretation of Philippine History Kas
Kas 226 Seminar on United States Policy in Asia Kas
Kas 230 The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, 1941-1945 Kas
Kas 250 Seminar in Philippine History Kas
Kas 297 Teaching of History in the Tertiary Level: Theory and Practice Kas
Kas 298 Philippine Historiography I Kas
Kas 299 Philippine Historiography II Kas
Kas 300 Master's Thesis Kas
Kas 301 Seminar on Local/Oral History Kas
Kas 302 Seminar on Imperialism and Colonialism Kas
Kas 321 Seminar on Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines Kas
Kas 322 The Philippines in Southeast Asia: Seminar in Comparative History Kas
Kas 323 Seminar on the Evolution of American Policies in the Philippines Kas
Kas 324 Seminar on Philippine History Kas
Kas 325 Seminar on Philippine Post-War Problems Kas
Kas 326 Seminar on the Developmnt of Philippine Radicalism Kas
Kas 327 Seminar on the History of Social Movements in the Philippines Kas
Kas 328 Seminar on Contemporary Philippines Kas
Kas 329 Seminar on the Muslims in the Philippines Kas
Kas 330 Seminar on the Ethnic Histories of the Philippines Kas
Kas 341 Comparative Revolutions in the Southeast Asia Kas
Kas 342 Readings in Southeast Asia Kas
Kas 343 Advanced Readings in Southeast Asian History Kas
Kas 351 Seminar on Contemporary Developments in East Asia Kas
Kas 361 Seminar on South Asia Kas
Kas 371 Seminar on Latin-America Kas
Kas 381 Seminar on Africa and the Middle East Kas
Kas 398 Problems in Historiography Kas
Kas 399 Dissertation Research Seminar Kas
Kas 400 Dissertation Kas
Koreyano 10 Elementaring Koreyano I Lingg
Koreyano 11 Elementaring Koreyano II Lingg
Koreyano 12 Intermidyet na Koreyano I Lingg
Koreyano 13 Intermidyet na Koreyano II Lingg
Koreyano 100 Advans na Koreyano I (Advanced Korean I) Lingg
Koreyano 101 Advans na Koreyano II (Advanced Korean II) Lingg
Koreyano 110 Advans na Komposisyon sa Koreyano I (Advanced Composition in Korean I) Lingg
Koreyano 111 Advans na Komposisyon sa Koreyano II (Advanced Composition in Korean II) Lingg
Koreyano 112 Panimulang Hanja (Basic Hanja) Lingg
Koreyano 113 Pagsasalin sa Wikang Koreyano (Korean Translation) Lingg
Koreyano 120 Advans na Pagbasa sa Koreyano I (Advanced Reading in Korean I) Lingg
Koreyano 121 Advans na Pagbasa sa Koreyano II (Advanced Reading in Korean II) Lingg