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Course code & No. Course Title Course Description Offering Unit
WD 201 Women, Gender and Development: History and Perspectives A historical overview of women's issues and of gender relations in the context of development. WD
WD 201 History and Perspectives of Gender and Development A historical survey of the major issues in the women's movement WD
WD 210 Feminist Theories and Movements An examination of main currents of feminist thought and movement WD
WD 220 Women's Studies A discussion of theoretical and methodological issues in women's studies WD
WD 221 Feminist Perspectives and Strategies in Organizing Presentation and critique of local and international experiences in women's organizing, linking the feminist perspectives learned in other WD core courses to the strategies and processes involved in organizing women WD
WD 225 Seminar on Gender, Culture and Ideology WD
WD 227 Gender and Sexuality The study of gender and sexuality as a core area of women and development studies, with emphasis on the centrality of investigating and reconstructing sexuality to feminist theorizing and politics WD
WD 230 Women, Gender, and Work An examination of concepts of work from an interdisciplinary perspective, the work situation of women and men in the light of globalization, and strategies for change. WD
WD 231 Gender Responsive Planning and Administration Gender responsive planning process and methodology covering three continuous stages; policy-making, planning, and the administrative actions to transform the plans into reality, thereby ensuring that development programs, projects and institutions contribute to women's empowerment WD
WD 240 Seminar on Feminism in the Third World WD
WD 270 Special Topics I WD
WD 271 Special Topics II WD
WD 280 Women, Gender and Development Field Instruction I Supervised field practice in actual community work with focus on women's situation and gender relations. WD
WD 281 Women, Gender and Development Field Instruction II Supervised field practice for students to develop critical analysis of the situation of women and men, implement interventions and develop specialized skills in organizational and program management and other aspects of development work. WD
WD 281 WD Field Instruction 2 WD
WD 291 Introduction to Women, Gender and Development Research Basic theoretical and methodological perspectives and issues in feminist developmental research. WD
WD 292 Feminist Research: Perspectives and Methods Study of qualitative and quantitative perspectives and methods in women, gender and development studies WD
WD 300 Thesis on Women and Development WD
WP 99 Kaalaman sa Pagbasa ng Isang Wika ng Pilipinas Lingg