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Course code & No. Course Title Course Description Offering Unit
TFA 150 History of Criticism Theory
TFA 154 Greek and Roman Art The development of the forms, materials and techniques in visual arts from Ancient Greece to the fall of Rome. Theory
TFA 155 Medieval Art The development of the forms, materials and techniques in the visual arts in medieval Europe, from the Early Christian Period to the onset of the Renaissance. Theory
TFA 156 Renaissance Art The development of forms, materials and techniques in the visual arts in Europe, from the 14th to the 17th centuries. Theory
TFA 157 Modern Art The development of the forms, materials and techniques in the visual arts in the West, from the onset of modernism in the 19th century. Theory
TFA 160 Pre-Hispanic Art in the Philippines Theory
TFA 161 Traditional Arts in the Philippines Materials, techniques and forms of Philippine traditional arts in the context of history and production Theory
TFA 163 Philippine Modern Art The production and influences on visual arts in the Philippines that emerged since the break from the academic style in 1900s. Theory
TFA 166 Colonial Art in the Philippines The production and influences on the visual arts in the Philippines during the Spanish, American and Japanese colonial period Theory
TFA 180 Design Theory Theory
TFA 181 Field Practice in Visual Art and Design Education Introduction to aims, practices and methods in the field of art and design education, including lecture, workshop and fieldwordk Theory
TFA 186 Art Theory I Theories of art from ancient times to the early 20th century. Theory
TFA 187 Art Theory II Theories of art from the late 20th century to the present. Theory
TFA 190 Methods of Connoisseurship Methods in identifying, authenticating and evaluating art objects. Theory
TM 201 Overview of Technology Management The nature, processes and dynamics of technology; technology management and competitive strategy at the firm, industry, and national levels. TMC
TM 202 Technological Innovation The nature, types, process and importance of technological innovation; technology transfer and dissemination; technological learning and mastery; emerging modes of technological innovation. TMC
TM 203 Management of Technology Programs and Projects TMC
TM 204 Management of Research and Development Systematic treatment of the various issues and factors inherent in the management of R&D; R&D strategies; measurement and assessment of R&D productivity; strategic R&D management. TMC
TM 205 Financial Analysis for Technology Managers Analytical tools and techniques for the generation of financial information in aid of managerial decision-making; uses and limitations of current management accounting tools and theories for technology investment decisions. TMC
TM 206 Technology Marketing and Commercialization The R&D/marketing interface in technological innovation; the process of commercializing new technologies. TMC
TM 211 Economics of Technological Change TMC
TM 212 Macroeconomics of Technological Change II Technology as a factor affecting macroeconomic outcomes; influence of macroeconomic factors (fiscal, monetary, trade and industrial policies) on the nature, pace and pattern of technological change. TMC
TM 213 Information Technology Management Basic concepts of management of information systems. TMC
TM 214 Organizations and Technological Change The interplay of technological change with organizational roles, structures, processes, and dynamics at the firm level. TMC
TM 221 Technology and Competitive Strategy Technology and technological capability as a source of firm and industry competitive advantage. TMC
TM 222 Management of Products and Process Innovation Concepts, approaches, and methods for the effective organization and management of product and process innovation. TMC
TM 225 Total Quality Management Framework, tools and techniques for designing, installing and improving quality management and quality assurance systems; integrating successful determinants of total quality; research and experiential applications of total quality management. TMC
TM 231 National Innovation Systems Science, technology and innovation policies, institutions and practices in selected countries. TMC
TM 232 Science and Technology Policy Analysis of Philippine science and technology (S & T) as public goods; the evolution of government policies on S & T; contemporary government policies on S & T and their interrelations; impact on trade, economic and industrial policies and the socio-cultural environment; issues on the role of government in the evolution and management of S & T policies; and the role of values in S & T. TMC
TM 241 Technology Acquisition and Assimilation TMC
TM 251 Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship and its role in fostering technology innovation; organization and financing of business ventures; social dimensions of entrepreneurship. TMC
TM 255 Legal Issues in Technology Management Legal and regulatory environment for technology, innovation, and the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR). TMC
TM 261 Technology, Environment and Sustainable Development Technological change and its implications for the natural environment; models of technology-people-nature interactions; technology risk assessment and environmental ethics; environment-friendly technologies. TMC
TM 271 Technology Management in the Services Sector Technology as a source of competitive advantage in the service sector; techniques and strategies for structuring and managing service enterprises; integration of technology with marketing, operations and human resources for effective service management. TMC
TM 281 Strategic Technology Planning Framework for strategic technology planning at the firm, industry, and national levels; models and methods of technology forecasting and assessment for the formulation of a strategic technology plan. TMC
TM 291 Management of Technology Programs and Projects TMC
TM 298 Special Topics in Technology Management TMC
TM 299 Special Project in Technology Management TMC
TMEM 201 Tropical Marine Ecosystems Ecological foundations of tropical marine ecosystems. MSI
TMEM 202 Dynamics of Tropical Marine Socio-Ecological Systems Interactions of social, political, cultural, economic, and ecological dimensions in tropical marine ecosystems. MSI
TMEM 203 Marine Environmental Planning and Management Principles and tools for marine environmental planning and management. MSI
TMEM 210 Intercultural Understanding in the Management of Tropical Marine Ecosystems Multicultural realities and diversity issues in tropical marine ecosystem management in Southeast Asia and the Coral Triangle. MSI
TMEM 211 Communication in Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management Communicating knowledge, issues, and policies to stakeholders involved in tropical marine ecosystem management. MSI
TMEM 220 Marine Protected Area Management and Governance Integration of socio-ecological systems and designs; legal frameworks, governance and administration principles, and sustainable financing schemes. MSI
TMEM 221 Strategic Planning for Marine Protected Areas Application of strategic planning principles and tools to marine protected areas. MSI
TMEM 222 Marine Protected Area Management Plan Implementation Management processes, systems and standards in the operation of single site marine protected areas. MSI
TMEM 223 Marine Protected Area Networks and Large Marine Ecosystems Networking and alliance building within and among local, provincial, and national entities for the governance of marine protected area systems. MSI
TMEM 296 Seminar Presentation of relevant issues in tropical marine ecosystem management. MSI
TMEM 297 Special Problem MSI
Thai 10 Elementaring Thai I (Elementary Thai I) Lingg
Thai 11 Elementaring Thai II (Elementary Thai II) Lingg
Thai 12 Intermidyet na Thai I (Intermediate Thai I) Lingg
Thai 13 Intermidyet na Thai II (Intermediate Thai II) Lingg
Theatre 11 Dula at Palabas DSCTA
Theatre 12 Acting Workshop DSCTA
Theatre 100 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Key concepts in the study of drama, theatre and performance in the context of theatre and performance studies DSCTA
Theatre 101 History of the Western Theatre I History of the theatre in the West from the Pre-modern to Modern Period (Renaissance to the mid-1800’s). DSCTA
Theatre 102 History of the Western Theatre II History of the theatre in the West from the second half of the 19th century to the present. DSCTA
Theatre 103 Theories in Theatre and Performance Critical study of fundamental theories in theatre and performance DSCTA
Theatre 104 Theatre and the Creative Industries Theories, principles, and practices of theatre in the context of the creative industries in the Philippines DSCTA
Theatre 110 Theatre Practicum DSCTA
Theatre 111 Advanced Practicum Advanced theatre practicum in backstage and production works DSCTA
Theatre 112 Theatre Apprenticeship Theatre apprenticeship in the industry. DSCTA
Theatre 120 Production Methods Principles and practice of stage management, house and ticket operations, publicity and other theatre related activities. DSCTA
Theatre 121 Stage Management Theories and practice of stage management DSCTA
Theatre 122 Production Management Theories and practice of production management DSCTA
Theatre 123 Issues in Theatre and Events Management Analyses and practical solutions of issues in the practice of theatre and events management DSCTA
Theatre 131 Beginning Acting Fundamentals of body movement & voice production. Exercises in relaxation, concentration, & improvisation. DSCTA
Theatre 132 Intermediate Acting Application of techniques in creating & communicating roles from dramatic literature. Intensive scene study & techniques of determining actor's intentions. DSCTA
Theatre 133 Directed Studies in Theatre Acting Specific approach and convention in theatre acting DSCTA
Theatre 134 Voice for the Theatre DSCTA
Theatre 141 Stage Direction I Theory and practice of stage direction. Exercises in blocking and production of short scenes. DSCTA
Theatre 142 Stage Direction II Rehearsal problems and direction of two one-act plays. DSCTA
Theatre 143 Directed Studies in Theatre Directing Specific approach and convention in theatre directing DSCTA
Theatre 151 Elementary Stagecraft Elementary training on the basic aspects of stagecraft. General principles and practice in planning, constructing, painting and mounting stage sets; also familiarization with the scheme of theatre organization. DSCTA
Theatre 152 Scene Design Theory and practice of designing scenery as a functional environment for stage. DSCTA
Theatre 153 Lighting Design Theory and practice in applying methods and principles of lighting in theatrical productions. DSCTA
Theatre 154 Costume Design and Make-up Theory, design, and construction of costumes for the stage. Theory and practice of stage make-up in Eastern and Western theatre forms. DSCTA
Theatre 155 Sound Design DSCTA
Theatre 156 Directed Studies in Technical Theatre and Design Specific approach and convention in technical theatre and theatre design DSCTA
Theatre 160 History of the Theatre DSCTA
Theatre 161 Contemporary Philippine Performance Practices Trends and issues in contemporary performance practices in the Philippines in the context of theatre and performance studies. DSCTA
Theatre 162 Cultural Performances in Asia Discussion and critique of theatre and performance practices in the Asian region DSCTA
Theatre 163 Creative Theatre for Children and Youth Principles and methods of creating theatre with children. Problems with producing plays for children and youth. DSCTA
Theatre 164 Perspectives in Performance Studies Theories and methods in performance studies DSCTA
Theatre 165 Contemporary Performance Practices in Context Theories and praxes of contemporary performance DSCTA
Theatre 166 Applied Theatre Theories,methods and practice of theatre in non-conventional settings DSCTA
Theatre 170 Dramaturgy DSCTA
Theatre 171 Playwriting The principles of dramatic composition taught through practice. Development of plots and character; the writing of a play scenario and a one-act play. DSCTA
Theatre 180 Devise in Theatre and Performance Theories and praxes of devising for theatre and other performance events DSCTA
Theatre 181 Theories in Stage Movement and Dance Theatre Analyses and critical reading of body movements and dance performaces DSCTA
Theatre 182 Physical Theatre Workshop in dance theatre and stage movement DSCTA
Theatre 197 Special Topics DSCTA
Theatre 198 Special Projects DSCTA
Theatre 199 Undergraduate Research Methods of research in theatre and performance studies DSCTA
Theatre 200 Undergraduate Thesis DSCTA
Theatre 201 Theatre History I DSCTA
Theatre 202 Theatre History II DSCTA
Theatre 203 Theories in Theatre and Performance DSCTA
Theatre 207 Cultural Performances in Asia DSCTA
Theatre 208 Analyses and Praxes of Theatre and Performance DSCTA
Theatre 211 Production Design and Technical Theatre DSCTA
Theatre 212 Performing Arts Management DSCTA
Theatre 221 Studies in Acting DSCTA
Theatre 231 Studies in Directing DSCTA
Theatre 241 Studies in Dramaturgy DSCTA
Theatre 251 Studies in Playwriting DSCTA
Theatre 291 Seminar in Selected Areas of Theatre DSCTA
Theatre 298 Special Problems DSCTA
Theatre 299 Research DSCTA
Theatre 299.1 Creative Project in Theatre and Performance Application of critical theories and performance methodologies in theatre and performance praxis DSCTA
Theatre 300 Thesis DSCTA
Tour 102 World Tourism The geographic, economic, cultural characteristics, and interrelationship of tourism destinations worldwide AIT
Tour 109 Travel Industry Practices Professional Development and Ethics and supervised on-the-job training in at least one sector of the tourism industry AIT
Tour 110 Tourism Principles The study and application of the basic components of tourism, the factors determining priorities in tourism development, the philosophy and promotion of tourism, and the social, cultural and economic significance of tourism. Includes the importance of travel counselling, publicity media, research and statistics, immigration and customs procedures, and the development of tourism at regional, national and international levels. AIT
Tour 111 Tourism Development and Control Quantitative and qualitative approaches to development planning in the tourism sector. AIT
Tour 112 Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Tourism The roles and impacts of ICT in managing tourism organizations and tourist experiences - includes ICT concepts and frameworks; interoperability of systems and technologies used in tourism organizations; ICT trends and future applications in travel and tourism; as well as the social, economic and legal issues in the use of ICT in tourism. AIT
Tour 113 Tourism and Philippine Culture Integration of the cultural geography of the Philippines in the context of tourism planning and development. AIT
Tour 114 Domestic Tourism AIT
Tour 115 Entrepreneurship and New Enterprise Development in Tourism The examination of opportunities, preparation of business plans and analysis of problems involved in the planning and establishment of tourism-oriented enterprises. Identification, selection and implementation of a tourism-related business of their choice. AIT
Tour 116 Land Resource and Resort Area Development Analysis of the techniques in planning, developing and marketing land resources keeping in mind the economic, legal and physical factors in the use, transfer, development and administration of lands for purposes of tourism. The emphasis is on the feasibility and planning of destination resort properties, and the development of recreational facilities as well as the overall hotel physical structure. AIT
Tour 117 Ecotourism Sustainable utilization of the natural environment as a component of tourism development; development and operation of ecotourism products and programs. AIT
Tour 118 Cultural Tourism Concepts, strategies and tactics to develop, manage, and promote cultural tourism AIT
Tour 119 Tourism and Gender Concepts, principles, approaches, and strategies for gender mainstreaming in tourism development AIT
Tour 120 Management and Human Behavior in Tourism Organizations Principles and techniques of organization, management and organizational behavior in tourism organizations AIT
Tour 121 Human Resource Management in Travel and Tourism Introduction to fundamental principles of human resource management in tourism organizations AIT
Tour 122 Tourism Destination Management and Governance Analyses of different approaches and options in the governance and management of tourism destinations AIT
Tour 126 Events Management AIT
Tour 130 Quantitative Measurement Approaches for Tourism Analysis Concepts, data sources, measurement approaches and analytical methods in tourism AIT
Tour 131 Accounting for Decision Making in Tourism Accounting theory and the use of accounting information for decision-making in tourism AIT
Tour 136 Financial Management in Tourism Organizations Principles of financial management for both short & long-range planning in tourism organizations AIT
Tour 144 Tourism Laws I An introductory course in basic business law emphasizing laws relevant to the tourism industry which includes: constitutional principles, principles of obligations and contracts, and the laws on common carriers. AIT
Tour 145 Tourism Laws II A continuation of Tourism 144 (Tourism Laws I) for more extensive legal background as part of professional training for management. Emphasis is given to the laws pertaining to partnerships and corporations, specific rights and liabilities of innkeepers and other persons engaged in the ownership and operations of tourist establishments, and legal aspects of labor relations. AIT
Tour 151 Tourism Marketing The importance and relevance of marketing in a variety of tourism-oriented institutions. Emphasis is placed on policies, strategies and tactics in promoting tourism and other products and services of the country. AIT
Tour 153 Tourism Destination Promotion The fundamental principles of publicity advertising and sales promotion with emphasis on the various approaches, methods, and problems when these promotional tools are used in tourism destinations AIT
Tour 161 Transportation Systems in Tourism The development of transportation systems in tourism shaped by economic, political, social, and environmental factors and their roles and significance to the tourism industry, including theoretical models used for managing transportation systems in response to tourism demand AIT
Tour 166 Land Travel Management The management of tourist land transport services and facilities, from standard business practices in day-to-day operations to contemporary trends, issues, strategies and development that define land transportation services AIT
Tour 167 Sea Travel Management The breadth and challenge of current and future strategic problems which confront shipping and port executives. The course aims to cultivate an awareness of the environment in which the sea travel industry must function, both today and in the future. Analysis of new approaches, techniques and management tools applied by effective shipping and port managers. AIT
Tour 168 Air Travel Management The management of air transportation services and facilities related to tourism from standard operations and regulations to contemporary trends and issues that define the technical, operational, safety and security functions in air travel. AIT
Tour 175 Management of Travel Trade Business AIT
Tour 181 Introduction to Hotel and Restaurant Management Dynamics of the hotel and restaurant industry; an overview of operating departments in hotels and restaurants, their functions and management. AIT
Tour 182 Integrated Resort Management The management and operations of integrated resorts – its history, planning and development, technical and administrative components, and management approaches AIT
Tour 192 Tourism Product Development Concepts, principles, and stages of development in implementing and monitoring tourism products AIT
Tour 197 Special Topics in Tourism Special topics in the field of tourism. AIT
Tour 198 Strategic Management in Travel and Tourism The formulation and implementation of corporate objectives, strategies, as applied to tourism enterprises and governmental tourism organizations. It shall include an analysis of the environment, resources, and value orientation in corporations. AIT
Tour 199 Tourism Research Methods The basic aspects of planning, execution, integration, evaluation and application of research with emphasis on the philosophies and methodologies that underpin tourism research AIT
Tour 200 Undergraduate Thesis AIT
Tour 201 Theory and Practice in Tourism Development and Management Principles and practice of tourism management and the introduction of intellectual frameworks to analyze tourism. The course covers definition and concepts of tourism and key areas of sociology, anthropology, and economics of tourism AIT
Tour 202 Tourism Destination Development and Management Technical and theoretical concepts in managing the sustainable development of tourism destinations. The course covers strategies and processes in the planned growth of tourism destinations, while integrating principles of sustainability and ecological balance AIT
Tour 203 Product Development and Marketing in Tourism Principles in developing and marketing tourism-related goods and services with emphasis on product, price, place and promotion strategies. The course covers the formulation of integrated and socially responsible marketing strategies for destinations, tourism products, and services AIT
Tour 204 Policy and Governance in Tourism A systematic examination of approaches to tourism policy processes and governance. AIT
Tour 205 Impacts of Tourism Development An in-depth understanding of tourism impacts with focus on economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism development. AIT
Tour 211 eTourism Advances in information technology, platforms, and tools in the evolving tourism industry. The course introduces information windows and programs, as well as marketing opportunities, to cope with changes in tourism using information technology. AIT
Tour 212 Tourism Entrepreneurship and Destination Development Concepts and practices in directing tourism entrepreneurship and managing tourism businesses for destination development. AIT
Tour 213 Ecotourism Development and Management AIT
Tour 214 Culture and Tourism Development Management Development and management of tourism destinations to foster respect for host communities and their cultures. AIT
Tour 281 Tourism Strategy Strategy concepts and techniques for the management of tourism development at the national and local levels. AIT
Tour 282 Investment Planning in Tourism Concepts and analytical tools for planning and evaluating investments in land, equipment, capital, enterprises, and public infrastructure upgrades, in the context of tourism development AIT
Tour 283 Tourism Development Workshop Methods, processes, and procedures in the formulation of tourism development framework plans for existing and potential tourism destinations. AIT
Tour 297 Special Topics Analysis and discussion of topical and critical issues in tourism. May be taken more than once. AIT
Tour 298 Tourism Development and Management Research Seminar Formulation and identification of the Master’s thesis research problem AIT
Tour 299 Research Methods in Tourism Development and Management Major research methods and concepts applicable in tourism development and management. AIT
Tour 300 Master’s Thesis Students pursue research on their chosen area of study AIT
Trad 201 Problemas de Traduccion DEL
Trad 210 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Historia DEL
Trad 220 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Literatura DEL
Trad 230 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Economia DEL
Trad 240 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Artes DEL
Trad 250 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Tecnologia DEL
Trad 260 Teorias y Practicas de Traduccion: Ciencia DEL
Trad 270 Practicas de Traduccion Inversa (De Ingles/Filipino a Español) DEL
Trad 290 Proyecto Especial DEL